EarthWool® Insulation

Attics are usually one of the most neglected spaces and can account for up to 35% of heat loss within your home.

McTaggart Insulation specialise in rolled attic insulation and by installing just 250mm could save you approximately €130 per year on your energy bills.

We use EarthWool® insulation which doesn’t look or feel like any insulation you have ever experienced.

  • Softer – virtually itch free.
  • Odourless – no formaldehyde added.
  • Naturally brown – no artificial colours added.

The natural brown colour is a result of ECOSE® Technology and represents a level of sustainability, health and safety for glasswool never before achieved:

It is manufactured using recycled glass bottles, naturally occurring raw materials and bonded using a bio-based technology with no added formaldehyde, phenols, acrylics, artificial colours, bleaches or dyes.